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Is there a way to turn off popups entirely (or at least make the

by Guest on 2023/09/05 06:49:19 AM    
I love Tixati for so many reasons, and rave about it to others whenever appropriate. However, there's one little thing it does that is mostly just a me-issue, but I was wondering if there was an option in the app somewhere to stop it that I just haven't found...

My internet is terrrrrible. Pretty regularly things flail out and break, so I get popups about not being able to connect to my proxy, or not able to open a port, etc all the time. This sucks when we're watching something because it takes over the screen and we have to scramble to get rid of it and pause/rewind on whatever so we can see what we missed. Sometimes will happen 3-4 times over the course of watching a movie.

It's not a super big thing but it is annoying AF when it happens. Anyways if there's an option to stop it that'd be so awesome. :)

Thanks either way!

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