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Details for using Tixati with a seed box

by loninappleton on 2023/09/04 07:25:07 PM    
Whether it's VPN or seedbox, I see the choice of seedbox as a better solution to continue with filesharing.  But I don't know the setup procedure.  Please give the steps in setup for using the seedbox.  A good,  managed and inexpensive suggestion for the seedbox would also help.
by notaLamer on 2023/09/13 08:00:32 PM    
Tixati needs a graphical output to work. Seedboxes are usually run text-only with the web interface enabled.
by Guest on 2023/10/11 08:56:21 PM    
Hi notaLamer

Would this persons idea work if they had a VPS/Bare Metal datacenter server with Linux Desktop enabled? Something like Ubuntu desktop using RDP connectivity?
by notaLamer on 2023/10/14 04:22:21 AM    
Guest yes, this is the right direction. I have never tried this area but I believe X11 would need to be running and gtk packages installed with a virtual screen running. CPU-only rendering (without any GPU needed) should work. Remote desktop access or not is up to you.

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