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Bug in moving Trackers UP or Down the List

by Guest on 2023/08/29 07:18:20 PM    
there appears to be some Bug in moving Trackers UP or Down the List

The extra line break is NOT added, so the trackers fail to announce and stay dormant

Question: What is the use in moving trackers up or down the list?
by notaLamer on 2023/08/30 11:14:13 PM    
Answer to question: Afaik moving trackers only does two things:
a. increase trackers priority in queue if there are too many trackers to work with (speculation, minimal effect)
b. this is important in tracker groups, only the first working tracker of a group is contacted

I had suggested different tracker behavior before but i think it might be part of a spec to some extent.
by Guest on 2023/09/02 05:22:53 PM    
from quick observations, putting the working trackers at the bottom helps increase connectivity and speed !!!

So dunno!!!

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