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Multi-conn to per IP, how does it now, can behavior be cahnged?

by Guest on 2023/08/26 11:00:40 AM    
Hi~ dear devs.

I found qBittorrent and ╬╝Torrent sent different peer IDs on every port, this seems led Tixati try to establishing a second connection to those peers on same interface/IP.

I reported it here:  , and arvidn told that "the redundant connection logic is not as good ".
So, when and how Tixati establishing a second connection to a same IP, is it necessary? Can we change the behavior?
by notaLamer on 2023/08/30 11:44:18 PM    
Hello, I believe arvidn misunderstood you there. He thinks you are using qbittorrent.
I think from the screenshots you have shown, it's the duplicated remote qbittorrent peer (the one from China) who terminates the connection.

The following situation, correct me if wrong and if right please repost on github:

- You with Tixati see two different peers. (a) the destination ip:port:(tcp,udp) are different (b) the peer IDs are different
- Tixati is CORRECT to assume in both cases that it sees TWO peers.

- The qbittorrent client may or may not know about the two different IPs it has on the outside. It sees Tixati connecting with (a) same IP:port:protocol (b) same peer ID.
- This remote client is the only one who has the information to conclude the second connection is a duplicate.
- It closes the 2nd connection, but Tixati does NOT know why. It tries again later.

If correct then Tixati is not at fault other than continuing to try.

There are two decisions in qbittorrent that lead to this:
1. Only allowing one connection per IP. This will get worse as IPv4 addresses will become shared between more users. Including VPN users.
2. Totally randomizing peer ID.

The reason why you noticed is because Tixati is a unique client in that it keeps recent peers in the list for a long time. Other clients would show them at all. I would bet your qbittorrent user wouldn't have noticed the reconnects and disconnects happening.

PS: arvid argues peer ID is useless


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