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Tixati categories bar - customizing it - how to?

by Guest on 2023/08/20 02:14:50 AM    
I'm using the Tixati categories bar which I really like.

It shows the status of Tixati where x= values

Queued (x)
Standby Seed (x)
Downloading (x)
Seeding (x)

I would like to create a category, lets say "Active"

How would I include either 2 combined status on one line (Download+Seeding) or maybe even all 4 of the above ?
At present, it only lets me add one from the list, essentially only recreating what's already there.

Thank you if anyone knows
by notaLamer on 2023/08/24 09:36:45 AM    
It's not possible to do in one line, that would be something for the dev to add.
You can group them all together by creating a separator above the 4 categories:
--- Active ---
Standby seed
_ end of categories // or next separator _
Then clicking on active will show all four categories' torrents. Good idea.

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