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Completed Files Won't Move to UNC or Mapped Drive Paths

by Guest on 2023/08/19 09:37:07 PM    
I feel it started with the latest version I recently updated, but suddenly no files will move from their download location to their completed location, a mapped NAS drive.  I've used this setting for years, unchanged, but now it fails and nothing has changed on the drive mapping, device, etc.

 - The mapped NAS drive letter is set up in the "Location"
 - That letter shows in "Move on complete" and other right-click context options
 - I can't see or create new mapped drives in the "Select new location" window, which isn't aware of locations outside of the host machine.  
    - That is a very ancient "16 bit" inability.

I need this to work or I'm going to have to change to a different tool, unfortunately.  I'd like to revert to the prior release but it's not available, which is kind of not good.  A two-release-back availability should be maintained to ensure a solid install base.
by Guest on 2023/08/21 01:50:43 AM    

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Are you sure you have two folders nominated in Tixati SETTINGS >> TRANSFERS >> LOCATIONS - ensure ticked for 'Upon Completion move to this location:'

You didn't mention whether you're using Linux or Win32 or Win64

Not sure how you can test your problem - seems you know your config quite well already and can test paths by commandline etc

I would suggest with v3.19 move from C:\something1 to C:\something2 or to D:\something3 - and try a small download and test move on completion locally first; before troubleshooting network moves.
There were definitely problems with moving files in earlier v3 versions, so please ensure you're on v3.19 otherwise Im guessing testing anything is pointless!!!

One thing does spring to mind is to try downloading last released version of Tixati v2 which was 2.89
(look at release notes in news for version tracking)

Just change the numbers on the download from (latest:)

IE change the version digits "3.19" to "2.89" (OR whatever version was released)

Instead of wasting a ton of time, try that software walkback and see if it works?

Then maybe retest with 3.19 and let us know how you get on? Good luck

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