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Bug new in 3.19: Cursor drag and drop image when no file selecte

by Ratbert on 2023/07/26 07:57:15 PM    
Minor bug but annoying.  Low grade irritation.
First seen in 3.19
Windows 7 64 bit

On Transfer page, torrent list

Start Tixati 3.19, not maximized so there is somewhere to move the mouse outside of the Tixati window.
Select Transfer page
At least one torrent should be on the page.  Status of the torrent does not matter.

At this point the mouse cursor should be the normal pointer icon.

Left or right click anywhere outside of Tixati: on the background or in another application
Move the pointer over the Tixati transfer list
Left click once on a torrent.  Pointer is normal.  Torrent line is selected and highlighted.
Move the pointer.
Pointer changes to the drag and drop icon (pointer plus baggage) even though nothing is being dragged.

Pointer image stays this way until something is clicked on and dragged to a new location.

Gets confusing if you repeat the above but on first entry to the Tixati window, left click and hold to drag.  Line will select and highlight, pointer will change to drag icon, but drag and drop will fail.   You must click once in the Tixati window before a drag and drop will work.

by Ratbert on 2023/07/26 11:01:30 PM    
I see someone else has reported this behaviour in Windows 11
by Guest on 2023/07/27 12:29:55 AM    
I do not see this in linux.
by Guest on 2023/07/28 02:07:53 PM    
for me it sometimes changes to cursor + rectangle to the top left
by Guest on 2023/07/29 12:15:27 AM    
I see this behavior too in Windows 10.
by Guest on 2023/07/29 09:11:45 AM    
I have also encountered the same issue on my Windows 11 computer.
by Guest on 2023/07/29 04:27:42 PM    
today i noticed that after removing a torrent i get dnd/stop cursor icon for a while
by Guest on 2023/08/07 12:53:20 PM    
Can confirm on Win10, and probably I've seen this bug before 3.19.
Just saw it this time, but then clicked on help->check for updates and it's gone after that. Will observe
by Guest on 2023/08/10 12:48:27 PM    
Further to the comments above, I see the same problem/ behaviour with Tixati versions 3.18 and 3.19 on Windows 10 (x64). I have reverted to Tixati version 3.17 which does not exhibit this problem.
by janet on 2023/08/10 04:00:41 PM    
Thanks to everyone who has reported this. The Dev is looking into this and it should be fixed in the next release.
by Guest on 2023/08/11 01:18:23 PM    
Thank you Janet

Just for infos : confirmed on windows 7 32bit
Drag and drop icon appears randomly
by Guest on 2023/09/18 06:18:34 PM    
It is intermittent and will occasionally change to a different icon.  None of them are correct when no file is selected.  Windows 11.  Tixati v3.19

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