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How to see the Torrent Creation Date?

by Guest on 2023/07/02 01:37:08 AM    
Can't see any torrent file's actual Creation Date? Is this basic info. not available in Tixati, as it is in uTorrent?

Looked in Details tab, Options > Meta-Info tab and all the rest (but those 2 are the ones where logically such info. should be displayed).

Created column simply shows date when torrent was added to Tixati, which is useless when comparing multiple torrents with seemingly identical contents where creation date matters.

Kindly make torrent's Created On (and also Created By if possible) metadata visible in Tixati.

Here is how this info. is displayed in torrent Info tab in uTorrent (Windows):
by Guest on 2023/09/08 07:33:45 AM    
by Guest on 2023/09/08 02:19:37 PM    
Although “created by” and “creation date” are optional fields that can be changed freely at any moment, and thus should not be trusted blindly, a quick sample of my torrents shows that most do contain that data. I imagine that in some situations it might be useful to see those extra columns in torrent list. Moreover, Tixati itself creates those fields in generated torrent files.
by Guest on 2023/09/13 09:40:44 AM    
details tab is not detail enough

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