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own IP shown as connected peer

by Guest on 2023/06/03 12:32:37 PM    
Since 3.19 my own IP address shows up in the list of connected peers of a transfer/download. Sometimes up to 4 times.

Is there a network/tracker setting I've set incorrectly ?
Why has this changed (only for me?)

Release Linux Mint 21.1 Vera 64-bit
Kernel Linux 5.15.0-72-generic x86_64

tixati istalled from latest '.deb'
by Guest on 2023/12/26 10:13:04 PM    
I see the same issue, using Tixati v3.19 on Linux Mint.

Installed software:
64-bit Normal Install .deb File

Operating System: Linux Mint 21.2                
          Kernel: Linux 5.15.0-91-generic
    Architecture: x86-64
by CivilPDX on 2024/01/04 02:20:50 AM    
you should add the source column in the peers view to see where this peer is coming from

on Tixati's transfer screen, click the "layout" button in the top right corner, choose "Select Columns", go to the "Peers View" tab, enable "Source", and close.

on the peers screen you will now see a new column showing how Tixati learned of every peer.
possible values that I've seen are are:
User (caused by the add peer function on the options tab of a transfer)
Tracker (a torrent tracker gave you this peer, most common)
PEX (Peer Exchange, your client learned about this peer from another peer)
DHT (Distributed Hash Table, see  )
Incoming (you are properly connectable and your client received an outside connection)
Meta (a part of the .torrent metadata, like a webseed url)

if I was to hazard a guess, you will see "Tracker". a lot of trackers don't optimize what they send back, sending seeders other peers of seeders and in this case, your own peer address. your client has to deduce if they are of any use by attempting a connection.

PS: there are also lots of public trackers that will send a handful of garbage IPs as some sort of plausible deniability (albeit an annoying one) on top of this, just something to know.
by Guest on 2024/01/05 02:48:11 AM    
You are correct, I see "Tracker" as source. This also explains why I sometimes see my own IP-address twice, with different ports (as I change port every day, or third day).

System: Linux Mint 21.2
       Kernel 5.15.0-91-generic

Thanks for quick feedback.
by notaLamer on 2024/01/07 02:58:38 PM    
"Tracker" as source ... as I change port every day, or third day
Looks like the tracker you chose caches IP addresses for far too long. The admin should reduce the time to live. I doubt Tixati is misbehaving in this instance.

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