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Torrents disappeared along with files (possibly)

by Guest on 2023/05/29 08:45:24 PM    
Greetings, I've had a bit of an event tomorrow evening, logged into my home server to find out that most of my torrents are gone, along with the downloaded files. I'm not sure if that is caused by Tixati. I'm using a combination of Tixati and Plex Media Server to stream media on local network. I'm not sure if Plex could've deleted the files either though.
The log was pretty weird, at some point there were a ton of lines akin to  [6:18:30 PM]  stopping > Streamlined tvshow Complete , and there were three "batches" of these: first at 6:17:27 PM, second at 6:17:47 PM and the last one was at 6:18:30 PM.
Initially I thought that Tixati must've stopped the torrents because local files are gone for whatever reason. But then I tried removing a file through file explorer and the corresponding torrent in Tixati was NOT gone, it was  Offline - Missing local files (or something along those lines).
Please, tell me if there is a possibility that Tixati could remove torrent and/or files by itself, if no - why were the torrents removed from Tixati instead of being Offline, or should I move my attention to other potential culprits? Thanks.

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