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search filter badly placed?

by JaegerFox on 2023/05/24 08:59:31 AM    
I don't know how to explain but searching for example for "ubun" and selecting "any" does not find any downloads but using "exact" finds downloads with part of that name.
"any" performs the function of "exact" and "exact" of "any"
by ZarkBit on 2023/05/24 02:42:47 PM    
Yeah, search works in a weird way, I'd prefer for it to work like a filter, would be useful to quickly lookup files, instead, sometimes Tixati shows the folders where the file with the search term is, even showing folders that do not have any file with the search term, but since they belong to the same parent folder, it'll show.

(Link removed by Mod - Link not working)

Hope the screenshot is clear, I noticed this back when 3.11 released.

(MODS, I have hidden parts of identifiable file names to avoid having issues with copyright trolls, either on my end or yours, redirect to dev or leave as is so others can see it and share their input)
by notaLamer on 2023/05/24 09:15:55 PM    
You are right in that the search modes are incomprehensible without an explanation. "Any" refers to any of the entered full words. "Any" for "xubuntu ubuntu" will find both.
by ZarkBit on 2023/05/25 08:56:21 AM    
Working screenshot link
by Guest on 2023/05/29 12:19:16 PM    
@zarkBit you're right, it works a little weird
by Guest on 2023/05/29 03:42:09 PM    
It works correctly for me.
Exact: match names that contain this exact text string, search term is not modified in any way.
eg ubun will exact match ubuntu xubuntu because ubun is in those words.
but ubun will NOT any match ubuntu because ubuntu and ubun are 2 different words

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