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Version 3.18 is collapsing

by Yura on 2023/05/18 10:54:06 AM    
Tixati is a very good program, I have been using it for a long time. I have Windows 2003 Server. Version 3.14 worked great. Version 3.18, when I press the Layout -> Tree View buttons, the program collapses. This was not in version 3.14! Thank you.
by Guest on 2023/05/18 06:15:54 PM    
what exactly do you mean by collapsing?
does the program crash?
can you download? upload?
by Yura on 2023/05/19 08:50:49 AM    
the program crashs
by janet on 2023/05/19 08:11:56 PM    
Be sure to send in the crash reports.
That's the best way for the Dev to fix this.
Is it crashing only when you switch views, to the tree view?
by Yura on 2023/05/21 12:43:06 PM    
Program crashing only when I switch views, to the tree view
by Yura on 2023/05/22 01:09:00 PM    
I am currently using version 3.14 because it works very stable!
by KH on 2023/05/28 09:10:52 AM    
Try version 3.19.  I couldn't re-create this crash but there are some fixes which may be related to this.

If it still happens, please send in the automatic crash report.  I can probably fix it with that.  I checked every last 3.18 report and couldn't find this particular problem.
by Yura on 2023/06/08 05:11:42 PM    
I sent you a crash report on version 3.19

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