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[Bug] Right-click menu always shows up on the top left corner

by Ko01 on 2023/05/17 12:57:28 PM    
Every time I right-click into any torrent on tixati 3.18, the drop down menu shows up on the top left corner. I'm on Ubuntu 22.10. This doesnt happen when right clicking into any peer or tracker btw, just on the torrent list. I have a screenshot here (torrent filenames blurred)
by notaLamer on 2023/05/19 03:42:50 PM    
This bug is not present on KDE.
by KH on 2023/05/28 08:33:24 AM    
This should be fixed in 3.19.

There is a minor bug in the GTK3 libraries that happens when trying to popup a submenu directly.  On systems that use Wayland for the desktop, this was causing GTK to not locate a parent window to use as a reference frame to place the menu accurately.
by Ko01 on 2023/06/04 12:50:56 PM    
Yeah, I just checked and version 3.19 fixed it, nice! only thing is the tixati loading screen that appears when opening it is on the corner still but it doesn't matter tbh

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