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Slow speed under Ubuntu 22.04

by Guest on 2023/05/15 08:31:45 PM    
Hi there,

I have been using Tixati with NordVPN under Ubuntu 22.04 but the speed is always slow at about 4-6 MB/s. My speed over the VPN is 35-40 MB/s. I use a private tracker with very good seed speed and when I use Qbittorrent there is no problem with the speed so the issue must be with Tixati. I prefer Tixati and would appreciate a solution to my problem. Note that I am using only encrypted connections and I am saving the files on remote HDD that is under NTFS format. I use the same for Qbittorrent.

Thanks in advance!
by Ko01 on 2023/05/17 01:03:51 PM    
I actually have experienced this too, without vpn tho, on windows on one specific torrent i was able to get over 20MB/s to the point my slow hard drive was the bottleneck, on linux that same transfer mere minutes after this was at around 2-3MB/s, back on windows and again 20+MB/s, not sure why tho, have the same settings on both OS', it happened on a public tracker with only 2 seeders, on win I'd get almost 20 from one and 1-2MB from the other and on linux id get like 800KB/s from each tops.
by notaLamer on 2023/05/19 03:46:06 PM    
It would be helpful to see if the peers are TCP/UDP and IPv4 or IPv6. For VPN connections show the VPN protocol used and if TCP or UDP.
by Guest on 2023/05/21 01:09:58 PM    
NordVPN uses UDP connection. There are peers with both UPD and TCP connections. I am not sure about which internet protocol they are using. I assume the majority would use IPv4.

My settings for incoming connection is TCP=UDP (I believe this is the default setting) while the outgoing connections are set UDP>TDP and IPv4 preferred. All incoming and outgoing connections are encrypted only.
by Ko01 on 2023/05/23 05:06:00 PM    
In my case I dont have IPv6 at all so all peers were on IPv4, and was a mix of TCP and UDP I think, didn't really check that and its been a while

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