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Bug in the check hash function

by mooms on 2023/05/14 12:35:05 AM    

I often use Tixati to verify some downloads, and every time, Tixati shows the file as slightly incomplete (99% complete if big enough), and will eventually "complete" them after a moment, but actually the files were already complete, I'm sure of it because the hash didn't change before after the "completing" by Tixati.

How to reproduce:

Download some files (I mostly use dodi repacks or fitgirl repacks) with DDL hosting
Download the torrent for the same files and launch Tixati to make it create the empty files, close it
Replace the empty files with the ones downloaded earlier
Launch Tixati
=> Files are marked 99% complete or even less on little files, although they are actually complete.

by Guest on 2023/05/14 05:16:21 PM    
This is because of some overlap of pieces in the files.

say you are downloading 3 files in a torrent
but the end piece of file 1 overlaps the beginning piece of file 2
when you copy the files back into the torrent the overlap must be gotten again.
by notaLamer on 2023/05/15 02:32:00 PM    
The new protocol version Bittorrent V2 solves this

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