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Ommission from Channel Information Directives support page

by Bugmagnet on 2023/05/12 10:32:33 PM

There is no reference for:  ##forum:aal=normal

Does not need much explanation, but should be referenced I think
by notaLamer on 2023/05/14 03:24:53 AM    
Hey Bugmagnet,

1. you can edit the wiki pages by yourself: directives?edit
2. and show partial history too: directives?history
Why partial? It says
Partial History - showing only your edits and current version
For example I see 6 of my own edits (versions 5-9,11) and their changelog. Also visible is the latest version 13 (not me) but without a changelog or a diff.

3. View a particular version (useful when not yet approved). Only works if you have access to it (edited yourself)
4. View a diff between versions (same limitations as above)
5. Edit a specific version (useful when working on unapproved changes, updating your own edits)

I see your suggestion was already added. Unfortunately the above links are not easily accessible even to logged in users :/

Although you can propose changes, they must be verified by the moderators first and I have no idea if they can see / how often they check if there are outstanding suggestions for the wiki. It took them some long time when I updated random pages but for my "update all the screenshots" initiative I made a forum post to bring attention to it.

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