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Mouse-only selection of multiple torrents in Transfers list

by Guest on 2023/05/11 04:54:22 AM    
In the Transfers tab I'm currently using the Sortable (Details) view with customizable columns. So far, so good.

However for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to select multiple torrents using only the mouse.

In Windows/File Explorer's Details view for example, left-clicking (default setup) and dragging the cursor up from below the last (bottom-most) file will start selecting multiple files, beginning with the last file, then the last-1 file and so on.

In Tixati however, try as I might, I can't seem to click below the last torrent and drag up to multi-select torrents. The only way seems to be to Shift+click or Ctrl+click on torrent names. So does one have to use the keyboard along with the mouse? Is it really not possible to multi-select torrents using just the mouse itself? If so, how very weird and non-standard, i.e. completely opposed to how Windows item selection works normally. Hope it can be fixed in a future version of the app.

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