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3.17 UI keeps freezing (not responding) periodically (every 10 s

by KieranDevvs on 2023/05/01 01:49:48 PM    
As the title suggests, when downloading, the application stops responding for a few seconds, every 10-20 seconds.
Only started happening in the latest update.
by KieranDevvs on 2023/05/01 02:21:12 PM    
Here's a video example of the bug:
by Guest on 2023/05/01 07:22:31 PM    
what OS?
if you install v3.16 does this happen?
any recent updates?
by KieranDevvs on 2023/05/01 09:31:56 PM    
Win 10.
Just checked 3.16 and 3.11 and it occurs in both versions. I've recently had to start tethering internet from my phone so that could be one of the variables.
I've also just noticed that other applications seems to hang at the exact same time, but only when downloading via Tixati and not always (i.e Tixati will freeze sometimes and everything else is responsive, and other times, nothing is responsive). It looks like the behaviour is tied to whether the Tixati UI is on screen, or in the background.
I have a feeling that the USB controller for the tethering is bugging out when opening too many connections, although I can't confirm.

Might not be a Tixati issue after all...
by Guest on 2023/05/02 12:02:57 AM    
* Check that your drive is not failing.
* Check that your AV's real-time scanner is not going crazy.
* Check in Task Manager if any program (like Windows Update) is tying up your drive.
by KieranDevvs on 2023/05/10 07:28:22 PM    
Just a follow up on this in case anyone else experiences similar issues, it ended up being BitDefender (AV) that was causing it. An automatic update to the AV caused it to frag out. Not found a solution other than disabling scanning certain binaries and locations yet.

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