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Tixati for Mac

by Iztok on 2023/04/20 09:27:53 PM    
I am going to buy Apple Mac Air because Windows OS has always problems with some virus, malware or similar.
One of first things came to my mind was installing torrent client.
Could you imagine a surprise when I figured out there is no Tixati for Mac?

I already donated for Tixati two times. Tell me will be a Tixati available for Mac in the future?

Best regards.

by Guest on 2023/04/22 03:42:36 AM    
I use Windows since version 95, I never got any virus in all this years, and I was always using P2P with 56k internet, like Napster, Shareaza, WinMX, Soulseek and others, and never got ONE virus, so the issue is not with Windows for sure. Just take attention in the file extension of every file and you are safe, if needed use Virus Total service to scan something you have some doubt. Anything can justify the use of one Apple device, this is not the exit this is the worst thing anyone can do, the Apple is the baddest virus of world, run away from it.
by Guest on 2023/04/22 11:19:24 AM    
Linux is way better than Mac or Windows.
by Guest on 2023/04/22 11:38:16 PM    
The least you could've done is search the forum first, because you're obviously not the first one to ever ask for a Mac version.

As for the rest of the discussion, it's just leading to yet another pathetic my-OS-is-better-than-yours e-pe*is contest. >:( Better that the forum mods delete this useless thread altogether.
by Guest on 2023/04/23 12:14:17 AM    
Windows is better than Linux because of software options, the software colletion is much bigger, like video editors and others that don't work well with Linux even with Wine, but I agree that Linux is the best OS in general, open source, lightweight, and very powerful, Linux is the hackers OS, so no need say anything more. For one that don't need specific softwares like a specific video editor, the Linux is the best option without any doubt. I can't move to Apple NEVER, Apple is a prison. Today I use Win and Linux.

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