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Many seeders sending no data

by Guest on 2023/04/17 06:54:14 PM    
I have noticed that a non insignificant amount of seeders, particularly when downloading hot torrents with tens or hundreds of seeders, will just be connected but sending no data. Is there something I can do to fix this if this is an issue on my end? I assume it is just their bandwidth maxing out or something like that but they are taking up connections for no reason. Is there a way to make tixati disconnect from a seeder if they haven't sent X amount of data in Y amount of time?
by notaLamer on 2023/04/20 01:50:02 AM    
I have noticed the same when using Tixati. This is very easy to see on a hot torrent as you said. For me it is either a very slow ramp up to max speed or never reaching the max speed.
by shag00 on 2023/11/11 01:58:45 AM    
Are you running Windows or Linux?
by Guest on 2023/11/13 11:30:13 PM    
RE: v3.19 Win64

I think I've had this issue too. Loads of 100% seeds on a healthy download. Keen looking Seeders but no transfer happens in Tixati?
It changed from a hash-link to completed Meta-Data

Colors in the PEERS tab all look totally wrong from normal.
What I did notice was to delete the download from Tixati and re-add  - This fixed my issue.

NOTE During this specific fault condition the BYTES column was completely blank. It is NEVER normally blank in the BYTES column.

If you do not see something like: "0 of 1.23 G" under BYTES column in Transfers window then it will never download.

CAUSE: Believe MetaData was corrupt?

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