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Tixati sorting downloads based on headline never implemented.

by Guest on 2023/04/08 05:05:52 PM    
I wait for years always though eventually sorting function will be implemented. Sounds easy to do imho.
What I mean, if its not clear, if you click for example on Name everything will be sorted by name, or by progress etc/
If you have many files grouping them together by name makes it much easier to transfer and sort out.
Also B/s In/Out, there should be a total sum on top to see how much of the bandwidth you have is utilized.
A utility to delete all empty folders within tixati downloads is prob also very easy to do and helpful to keep the folder clean automatically.
I will definitely do another donation if this is implemented eventually.

As a site note, recently I notice if tixati was running after a while I get disconnected from internet. As soon I exit tixati internet is back.
This is not always the case and I dono if it still happens with the latest version but I keep an eye on that.

Thank you devs for this great software, I would support the move to a paid version with a yearly update fee.
by Guest on 2023/04/08 09:01:54 PM    
you can already sort and have been able to for a long time.
press the layout button on the transfers tab and select sortable view.

as for the suggestion for tixati to remove folders (empty or not) doesnt seem like a good idea.
Tixati is a torrent client not a folder manager.
by Guest on 2023/04/09 05:12:34 AM    
If Tixati make you offline, or without internet access, try to disable "DoS Protection" in your wifi router, in the past I had the same issue with Soulseek, that is also a P2P client and the solution was disable DoS Protection.
by Guest on 2023/04/10 04:02:45 PM    
I have Tixati installed on PC (win 7 ultimate) and notebook (win 10 home). On PC Tixati sorts tasks like your ordinary Windows' explorer window with tablet view. On the notebook Tixati does nothing when I click on the header (name, progress etc). Tixati versions are the same on both devices. What could it be? Windows?
by Guest on 2023/04/11 12:45:09 AM    
have you made sure that both tixatis have been set to 'sortable view'?
by Guest on 2023/04/11 05:04:04 PM    
On the top right of tixati, there is a button that looks like a question mark "?". Underneath of that, there is a button that says "layout". If you click on "layout", you will see there is an option to be "ordered" or "sortable". Change it to sortable.
by Guest on 2023/04/11 10:46:39 PM    
God bless you, fellow Guest, for mentioning 'sortable view' thing!
Notebook Tixati indeed was in 'Ordered view' mode.

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