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When setting "ifmetric" to "1" on adapter/connection A, and sett

by Guest on 2023/03/29 10:04:31 PM    

This is on linux obviously ( ubuntu ).
If I set "ifmetric" to "!" on adapter/connection A, and have a preferred adapter/connection set to different adapter in tixati, the files won't download.
Tixati searches for peers, but it timeouts when attempting to connect to any of them.

When ifmetric is set to "1" on adapter which is also used by tixati, the peers connect successfully, and files start downloading.

I have one 512kb connection with no transfer limit for browsing the net, and other fast metered connection which I use to download larger files occasionally. So, I would like to be able to use the slow, not metered one to browse the internet without wasting transfer. And other one to download larger files in the background.

Would be nice if this could be fixed.

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