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Clicking on Priority - Ordered should add the file to the ordere

by Guest on 2023/03/24 11:44:55 AM    
When you click on a file(s) and change its priority to ordered, it should be added to the existing ordered queue. Currently, all of the other files get changed to normal.
by Guest on 2023/03/29 01:22:26 PM    
when you select some files and select ordered, Tixati assumes that this is the new ordered list, even if you already had some files on ordered.
by Guest on 2023/03/29 01:34:57 PM    
Thank you for restating what I wrote in the opening post. For some readers, that clarity might be quite helpful. Now, what I was saying is that this would basically never be what a user would want. In usage, a user may, for whatever reason, only select a few of the files they intend to ultimately download. Later, when they attempt to add more to that queue, it instead replaces the queue and changes the priority of the previous items to normal. As that would almost never be useful, I think it should be changed to append to the existing queue.
by Guest on 2023/03/30 02:35:46 AM    
I agree with the user above, imagine, you have a torrent with hundreds of files, then you burn 30 minutes selecting some files you want, hours or days after it, you want to add more 2 files, why would you want to lost all the selection you made before? Why you want transform it in Normal Priority? Don't make any sense, maybe I'm wrong and maybe has some user that want this behavior and I can't get, but I think this is estrange, but if really exist this need, so just add a new context menu entry for instance:

 Add to Queue
 Ultra High
 Very High

This way the user can choose the needed action, Tixati can show the "Add to Queue" entry only when has some files already ordered.
by KH on 2023/05/28 08:46:42 AM    
Thanks for this suggestion.

This has been fully implemented as of version 3.18.

The right-click menu for files/folders has additional options at the top of the priority section to Insert / Append to the existing order.  There is also an option to reset the order when appropriate.
by Guest on 2023/06/04 08:39:21 AM    
No problem, the implementation was better than my suggestion, the first 'n last options is really useful to handle the priority of the queue, good idea, and the old behaviour still there for who want to use, very good. Thanks!

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