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Bandwidth limiter degrades speed with both DL&UL limits

by notaLamer on 2023/03/19 08:07:08 AM    
Very loosely related: " Tixati 2.65.1 breaks Auto Limiter, 0 speed"

It's been an issue for a long time.

When I only have the Upload Limit enabled, it works fine. However if I enable both Download+Upload limits, I trigger the problem where the upload speed drops. At the time I do not have any running downloads (besides channels) but only seed.

It goes like this:
1000 KiB/s upload limit: OK, consistent speed and little ping fluctuation (confirmed in a separate console window)
Add 3000 KiB/s download limit: The upload speed is maintained for 2-3 minutes then drops to around 700 KiB/s with fluctuations. The ping behavior seems to change too but I need to record it to tell for certain.

When I disable the download limit, the ping rises and fluctuates for about 30s and then settles down to a steady state as before.

I would like to hunt it down, but it seems pointless if I don't even know what changes when Tixati's Bandwidth Limiter is enabled fully. I would like a little help here with a few pointers to look out for.

Internet connection: 40 / 10 Mbit/s
VPN: Yes, OpenVPN connected over IPv4 (with IPv4 and IPv6 exit)
OS: Windows 7 x64 (I admit the networking stack has bugs).
Tixati: 3.16 and older

I used to be behind a fat shared 1G pipe with big buffers before, there the auto limiter worked fine but with this ISP it doesn't. It's possible these things are connected.
by TX007 on 2023/03/22 04:25:21 AM    
I tested auto bandwidth limiter (Tixati v.2.89) with both download and upload limits enabled, and it worked fine. Have you tried changing Target Ping RTT value to something like 100 or 170 milliseconds ?
by Guest on 2023/03/29 12:42:03 PM    
look at your auto bandwidth limiter window.
when you change the incoming limit in the bandwidth window what does it display in the auto bandwidth limiter window?
in the auto bandwidth limiter window your max incoming is a ratio/% of the max outgoing.
i think you have to increase the outgoing to increase the incoming.
The 'Gate' works as a secondary maximum, which keeps the throttle from being raised more than 20% above peak traffic levels within the past 90 seconds. This stops the throttle from climbing out of control when traffic levels are below the current 'Throttle' and latency is low.
the gate could have something to do with the decrease in speed when you turn on the incoming limit.

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