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Mr. Developer, whatever happened to the Channels? TX2.88

by francesco on 2023/03/17 07:44:20 PM    
Hello again, Channels aren't gathering and along the Share and Search sections has become obsolete. What happened?

We should be supposed to talk to another Tixati, that is the idea of the "community", what happened?

Tixati IDs could be bridged to Fopnu this until projects could be merged one day.
by notaLamer on 2023/03/18 03:46:42 PM    
Is DHT enabled in settings? Channels work fine for me. Is your system time correct?
v3.16. I see other 2.88 peers and older connected to channels.
by francesco on 2023/04/07 10:13:17 PM    
Works fine on Linux.
Windonkey 7 Ultimate blocks it, no firewall, must be one of the security patches I had implemented.

It doesnt matter, the "community" seems to be permeated by a certain controlled oppositionist bunch that gives the wrong characteristics, a bad kickstart lets say. To add up to this wrong atmosphere is the fact that the Channels inherited the typical leech website format with all those VIP ranking. We need something truly new not this.

The "new" begins by kicking out the trumpites and antifa and the weirdos and project outwards to the big internet with an open forum where seeds are published, this is in itself dissident.

I prefer it not working.

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