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Tixati sending wrong event to tracker

by Guest on 2023/03/16 07:58:20 PM    
I've download a partial files from a private tracker. Once it finished, tixati announce the torrent as (paused) instead of other thing like (refresh) or (seeding) maybe? I really not familiar with this, but one thing for sure my tracker aren't happy about it. It response as:
tracker error: Tracker failed with reason: Invalid event from client
From the announce log, it sending as follow:
tracker announcing [paused] > http://<my tracker>/announce.php?pid=<myId>.
For other torrent that I donwload everything seem doesnt have this problem. Only for partial download.

Edit: I found the culprit of this. It's on setting>Transfers > Trackers> Announce event=pause to HTTP tracker when partial seeding.
I left it here in case someone confuse about this thing.
by notaLamer on 2023/03/18 03:50:47 PM    
I'm glad you found a work around, but it looks like Tixati does the right thing.
Title:Extension for partial seeds
Last-Modified:Thu Jul 21 10:45:38 2016 -0400

Tracker Announce

In order to tell the tracker that a peer is a partial seed, it MUST send an event=paused parameter in every announce while it is a partial seed.


Allowing peers to scrape a tracker and distinguish between active downloaders and partial seeds makes it more efficient to determine what to seed based on the downloader/seed ratio.

The reason why every announce should contain event=paused is to avoid relying on the state being stored in the tracker. In case there's a failure and a backup tracker is used, it can recover all of the swarm state because the clients are announcing that they are partial seeds.
Report this to your tracker admins.

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