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Question: Auto Bandwidth Limiter : Rules (General Description)

by Crazyd on 2023/03/15 03:39:19 AM    
So is there a simple explanation for these I'm missing?

Auto Bandwidth Limiter : Rules
Default : Standard / High Ping RTT /Low Ping RTT/ High I/O and the like.

Anyone know where this is explained? I've only got a 325 MBs down 20 up cable connection. 40,000kBs down and 1,200kBs up.

And I have no idea where any of these should be set. I'm fairly certain the standard isn't quite right for my setup, but I've yet to find anywhere it's explained. I've done all the standard settings like increasing Port Connections and Changed Incoming ports.

If anyone could point me in the right direction so I can better understand those settings I'd appreciate it. Maybe it doesn't matter and I'm worried about nothing, but I haven't seen that mentioned either.

Thanks for any help


If someone could give me a good spec for someone with cable modem I'd appreciate it. Below are my current settings but honestly its just me guessing. A high Ping was my guess due to cable not being the best ISP, but all I can get @ my location.  Fiber is all around me, but my neighborhood is elderly so I'll never get Fiber here... Grumble I hate Florida only fancy neighborhoods get fiber.

Currentlytargetpingrtt = 170 | minoutbw = 12288 | inoutratio = 10

rulesparam = high | paramduration = 4 |paramcomp = < | paramtargetfactor = 0.5 | action = raise | actionpercent = 9 | actionwait = 3

param = high | paramduration = 5 | paramcomp = < | paramtargetfactor = 0.65 | action = raise | actionpercent = 2 | actionwait = 5

param = high | paramduration = 5 | paramcomp = < | paramtargetfactor = 0.8 | action = raise | actionpercent = 1 | actionwait = 5

param = low | paramduration = 4 | paramcomp = > | paramtargetfactor = 6 | action = lower | actionpercent = 15 | actionwait = 4

param = low | paramduration = 6 | paramcomp = > | paramtargetfactor = 3.5 | action = lower | actionpercent = 11 | actionwait = 4

param = low | paramduration = 6 | paramcomp = > | paramtargetfactor = 1.3 | action = lower | actionpercent = 3 | actionwait = 4

param = low | paramduration = 4 | paramcomp = > | paramtargetfactor = 1.2 | action = lower | actionpercent = 1 | actionwait = 4

by TX007 on 2023/03/16 10:56:59 PM    
I don't use auto limit. For incoming limit, I set it to my maximum download speed. For outgoing, 80% of my maximum upload speed.
by notaLamer on 2023/03/18 03:31:03 PM

I didn't know the bandwidth limiter .rules file was a simple text file. I will try my best to explain it based on my observations only.

RTT = Round Trip Time. The time it takes for a ping packet to reach the destination and to receive an answer back.
High Ping RTT = Max ping within time window
Current Ping RTT = floating average for ping
Low Ping RTT = Lowest ping within time window

IN:OUT Ratio = download:upload ratio. In your case 40:1.2 or 48:1. If either of high download/upload speeds negatively impact your link, change the ratio to have less of either.

Maximum/Gate/Throttle/Minimum: brain malfunction, need dev's explanation

Each individual rule is described as the following in GUI:
IF [avg/high/low ping RTT] from last [__] seconds
IS [less/greater than] target ping RTT multiplied by [__] (a factor)
THEN [raise/lower] outgoing throttle by [__] percent
WAIT [__] seconds before checking rules again.
IF [success rate]
IS [less/greater than] [__] percent
THEN [raise/lower] outgoing throttle by [__] percent
WAIT [__] seconds before checking rules again.

You want to go by success rate if your network is known to drop packets when overloaded (very small buffers).
You want to maintain an acceptable ping RTT in 99% of cases (regular networks, big buffers).

You can run a ping on your own in a console window (Windows): ping /t <IP address or website domain name>

The point of Auto Limiter is to never impact your work/gaming on PC. Your convenience comes first, occupying upload speed second. In my opinion this means to drop the speed quickly when you encounter a higher than usual ping, rise slowly to not impact the ping. Eventually Auto Limiter should reach an oscillating steady state where it regulates up and down in such small steps, the upload speed is practically constant and the ping is indiscernible from an idle network.

To reach that point, my "time window" is 16-20s averages and longer wait times to let the network settle after Tixati applies a new auto limit. The destination host is a website IP that I don't like (so they can suck up my ping traffic) but most importantly, it's outside my ISP's network in my country.

I'd love to share my rule but Auto Limit does not work for me since I changed ISPs and I don't feel comfortable sharing something blindly.

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