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Max number of simultaneously downloads

by nounours18200 on 2023/03/01 10:40:00 AM    

I would like to know how to limit the maximum number of simultaneouly downloaded torrents ?

In version 3.14.1, I have set up the parameter to 4, as shown in the following screen capture:

but Tixati ignores this limit and downloads more than 4 torrents simultaneaouly.

Maybe it is not the good parameter ??

Thank you,

P.S.: not yet tried with v3.16, but I assume that the GUI should be the same.
by TX007 on 2023/03/01 05:29:59 PM    
Unused upload slots are available for downloads by default. You need to untick Recycle unused upload slots for downloads and Recycle unused download slots for uploads to limit the number of downloads/uploads correctly.
by Guest on 2023/03/02 01:15:00 PM    
Thank you very much: I am going to try this !

Thanks again

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