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[Feature] Option to delay allocation of files until transfer in

by Guest on 2023/02/25 01:19:15 PM    
Hi there,

When adding batch torrents the files and required allocated space can be significant.
Under a mixed host in which files are allocated to download in a smaller host and stored in a different location, the space overhead of allocating the full batch can be significant even though the files will only be written later.

- Potential toggle that sets the allocation command to be only ran when the transfer is either starting, or immediately next in queue to do so.
- The latter option could have actually a numeric input field instead in which if at 0 then allocation occurs when starting the transfer or X occurs at queue slot X.

Keep tixati amazing
by notaLamer on 2023/02/27 06:48:46 PM    
What is your File Allocation method set to? Both Sparse and Preallocate should be instant at least on a local storage device. Although I'm not sure if Preallocate really works as it should.
Is your question about overprovisioning? i.e. you don't want the space to be preallocated at all because if Tixati did that for all 0% torrents, you would run out of space? In that case "Sparse" should be what you want. Approaching the issue from the other end LVM on Linux allows overprovisioning, but you should take care to never actually hit 100% of physical storage space used.
by Guest on 2023/03/01 12:13:19 PM    
Thank you @notaLamer. I'll use sparse
Yes, it is a provisioning issue. I'm downloading to a ramdisk on a VM with ballooning memory.
Had to partially change system and I believe I might have had full-prewrite.

Besides "moving individual files when completed", would you have another recommendation?

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