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[FeatureOrBug?] Changing files to download from OFF to anything

by Guest on 2023/02/25 01:06:30 PM    
Hi there,

As the title:
Changing files to download from OFF to anything but OFF on a previously completed transfer does not honor downloading folder setting when downloading folder is not the completed folder

0. Set Tixati with different downloading and completed folder transfer
1. Add any transfer mixing Downloading and non downloading files
2. Wait for transfer and file move to complete
3. Change one of the non downloading files to downloading
4. Watch file get allocated in the completed folder

Keep tixati amazing
by Guest on 2023/02/26 12:46:02 AM    
that is proper.
its not going to move the torrent once it has finished just because you have now added more files to download.
by Guest on 2023/02/27 12:42:04 PM    
It's not about moving the completed files. It's about creating the downloading files in the "done" folder that's the issue.

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