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Hash V1 V2 "Tracker failed" status message

by Guest on 2023/02/23 01:48:24 AM    
Recently Tixati was revised to support both BT V1 and V2 hashes.  One quirk is that, on at least one tracker site, a torrent file created with Tixati and uploaded will show a spurious "Tracker failed" status message.  The tracker site correctly processes the V1 hash and is seeding the torrent correctly, however the tracker site doesn't support the V2 hash and errs.  In the Tixati Transfers window, the status column on the torrent shows the "Tracker failed" error, however if you click the status it shows both the V1 hash (which is working correctly, w/ seeds/peers/TTL info) and the rejected V2 hash and its error.  A little misleading, perhaps Tixati should show the V1 hash status by default?
by Guest on 2023/05/09 12:50:58 PM    
I noticed this too! Just spent the last few hours trying to figure out what was causing it (even rolled back a few tixati versions !).
It was super confusing since all the old torrents showed that they're registered to the tracker with the V1 status, but new ones were displaying the erroneous V2 status.

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