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Use "File completion Shell Command" to... ???

by mooshi on 2023/02/21 12:34:02 PM

Is it possible to use the "File completion Shell Commands" section to Auto turn-off a file who completed??


I would like any video file mkv/mp4/avi/wmv to Auto turn itselxf off once done to be able to delete that file, especially in a Series situation without Tixati re-dowloading it or needing a force check cause its not there anymore...

What code would go there??


by notaLamer on 2023/02/22 01:20:27 AM    
The only way to interact with Tixati programmatically is through the web interface. Like by using curl to execute the web commands. If it's possible to do it manually there, I will do it for a $50 bounty donated to Tixati dev (if they agree to verify). Why? I hinted in the other thread, such usage is not beneficial to the network.
Check back with me for preparation first.

Generally the shell commands were intended to do something else in the system, like you could send yourself a download complete notification in Telegram.
by mooshi on 2023/02/24 03:03:21 PM    
ok, ya im not in a situation where i can shed 50box for that, but i'll donate to tixati when i can sure... and i dont need it that much, would just be nice.

btw, there should be a repository for all these codes somewhere or at least just a tread here, im sure others would take advantage of these function and next to nobody programs their own...


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