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Tixati v3.16 and older sudden slow download

by zahi on 2023/02/21 08:22:34 AM    
Tixati v3.16 and older sudden slow download on windows 11 pro please fix it.
by notaLamer on 2023/02/22 01:13:45 AM    
Maybe it's not Tixati's fault but Microsoft's and your network card vendor's poor drivers?

@DenelonMs if anyone is reporting very very slow downloads: I found the Windows 11 CXNetAdapter driver for Windows 11 does not perform well, returned to latest NDIS driver from #Realtek.
cc @computerbase @Deskmodder

Has this been across the board with respect to packages, or those coming from certain URLs?

Hi @DenelonMs unfortunately across different sources / packages. I was eager to try this new driver model out of curiousity, there wasn't much communication why CXNetadapter exist now instead of regular NDIS for Windows 11 (eventually also Windows Server 2022 / AZSHCI?)
I suggest you complain to companies you bought the products from.

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by TX007 on 2023/02/22 02:20:10 AM    
1-Make sure that no one in your local network including you is uploading some data with a high rate while you are downloading with Tixati. Upload speed for programs in your network should not exceed 85% of the upload capacity offered by your ISP.
2-Click on the gear icon (top right corner), Go to Network > Connections , change the value of Maximum concurrent outgoing TCP connection attempts and Maximum concurrent outgoing UDP connection attempts to 20. If you still have this problem reduce it to 10.
by shag00 on 2023/11/11 02:06:21 AM    
Have you checked your disk I/O?

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