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2 features Request:   Auto deselect small files when a video is

by mooshi on 2023/02/19 08:57:16 AM    
Lets face it, half my time im clicking stuff on Tixati, and a bunch of others im sure, is to deselect the 3-4 useless .txt coming with a movie or series that shouldnt even be there and that nobody on the planet ever open.

... those "download from xyz" and "happy christmas from team whatever", etc...

if theres a video file, it should only select that file and .SRTs (subtitles files)

why not a blacklist-deselect based on filename too... like: if "demonoid" is present >>> Deselected... ...those are all the same every single time.


auto-rank series...

if theres S01E01, E02, E03, etc  or ??X01, X02, X03 in the filename... then its a TV series or anime, so obviously im gonna watch it in order... so auto rank: Utra-high, very-high, high, etc.

maybe also the option to only select the 2-3-4-5-6 first Episodes (still being ranked, but unselected)... It's a new series so im gonna know in the first 1-2 episodes if it's garbage or worth watching, theres no point to fill the SSD with it... if one happend to want them all now reselecting them is fast.

also, the option to auto-turn off the files downloaded after they've meet a certain sharing ratio of the transfer was turned off due to a sharing ratio met... this is so that you dont need to go in Tixati to turn each file off to be able to delete them without them redownloading or Tixati needing to do a force check.

Also, when all the previous files are turned off, the next one in the list should be re-ranked Ultra-high and the other following. (because theres only 9 rank slots and often way more files than that)

this wouldnt be bad on all type of files honestly since any partially downloaded file is useless, agreed thats not neccesary if you need them all anyway, but thats cleaner.

Thx ;-)

by Guest on 2023/02/19 09:38:28 PM    
You can already do your first suggestion:
it works great a not selecting those pesky txt files and selecting only certain file extensions like mkv or avi or srt.

For your second suggestion you could use 'ordered'.
Right click the files and got to priority and select ordered.
by mooshi on 2023/02/20 11:00:10 AM    
ok, cool for the first one...

ya, from experience the Ordered thing doesnt work well, its not as hard as priority if you want.

Ive put the following code in priority, so this work fine... for sequencial as well... whats still annoying though is that if you turn them off and activate later they revert to normal so you still gotta sort them... sequential is staying in memory, not priority.

Also is there a way to auto turn off files once they've completed??

[ultra high
* 01*

[very high
* 02*

* 03*

[above normal
* 04*

[below normal
* 05*

* 06*

[very low
* 07*

[ultra low
* 08*

* 09*
* 10*
* 11*
* 12*
* 13*
* 14*
* 15*
* 16*

Thanks  ;-)
by notaLamer on 2023/02/22 12:40:30 AM    
I think your usage is a little contrarian to the ideas of BitTorrent and I'll comment on the first issue only.

I have actually prioritized the previews and NFO/Readme files automatically to know if its worth the full download. It does not matter if you disable them, the entire data block they're contained within still must be fully downloaded in BT version 1, because it contains adjacent files (video). I am not sure how other clients handle these cases (where adjacent needed data is in the same block as "off'ed" data), because to be a 100% seed of a video file, you still need the entire block incl. the disabled file. I suppose Tixati handles this correctly by retaining "incomplete-pieces" i.e. partial adjacent pieces like in your case of video+disabled .txt

The second suggestion's full resolution is in developer's hands, they have episode detection and priorization for RSS, it comes down to correct numeric sorting to order the episodes one by one for files too.
by mooshi on 2023/02/24 04:48:45 PM    
hummm... im really not sure i get what you're saying completely...

first you're talking about bitTorrent and thats a tixati forum... but if you mean torrenting in general, i can assure you that theres WAY more peoples downloading movies and series than softwares... theres just so many soft that someone needs while theres 10,000 of movies, etc... sure for those soft, you might need those files 50% of the time and i could argue only 20% easily, but thats mostly how to install and theres only one file and if you need it just activate it after thats like 30k, takes 3 seconds to download, or you can just de-delect it prior to download, leaving the potential other 3-4 .txt/url/nfo/html that you dont need.

the best obviously would be rules: if theres a video present > dont select them  ---  if theres an EXE > do...

those NFO/Readme are mostly unneccessary, for me at least because i already know what i downloading, ive read what it is before i click download, and most install are just "install and thats it" or theres like a keygen and its gonna be there anyway, wont be deselected.

also .nfo can be set "always select" and .txt "never select"... movies never have nfo, soft its 50/50.

and yes the data of the torrent is still there, not downloading them doesnt change the torrent, potentially there will be less seed having them but again thats 30kb, all you need is 1 seeder.

on "because to be a 100% seed of a video file, you still need the entire block incl.", ive got no idea really what you mean... if thats about serial download or not... video files are written in timed order... if you have the last Mb of the file and only 30% of the start, well you can play 30% of it... so you dont need it to be fully downloaded before you can start watching it, it finishes downloading as you watch it.

The second suggestion (assuming its about downloading in order)... is already solved with the code ive put... all i said is that theres a difference between "ordered" and "priority"... ordered is "kind of ordered", most likely the first one will finish first, but when it does the 2nd and 3rd will already be advanced, the 3rd one might also finish before the first depending on the seeders, and in any case you're gonna finish the first later than if you did it with priority because 2/3+ are eating bandwidth with ordered, not priority, where the 1st is gonna finish 1st, then the 2nd, then the 3rd (this is with 100% aggressivity, but you can adjust that, you cant adjusts anything with "ordered")

Order for files isnt neccesary really, you need them all down to the last byte before you can do anything with them, you just want them ASAP, and setting priority or ordered will slow down the total download time most of the time.

audio you might want them one after the other to be able to play at least one now or all at the same time to get the whole album as fast as possible.

in any case, thats just a user preference, one might not care at all too, or is downloading during the night or whatever...

"your usage is a little contrarian to the ideas of BitTorrent"... if by bitTorrent you meant the torrent site, aka TPB or 1337 or just torrenting, what im set with is to stop the torrent 1 minute after its done, because most often theres like 2-3000 seeders and i was already leeched on all the time i was downloading, nobody needs me on that one... if its a rare torrent then i might leave it there a month at the back of the list with super seeding activated.


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