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[BUG] Tixati v3.16 some times does not work rename function  

by Guest on 2023/02/15 10:55:46 AM    
Problem present in 3.12, 3.14 and now again in 3.16.
Problem with renaming files or folders.
When I use the "rename" function to change the initials of some words from lowercase to uppercase these change inside Tixati but if I go to check the name of the folder or the file on the disk it happens quite often that the change has not been really made even if it is displayed in Tixati. So Tixati ONLY modifies the display of the name inside the program but doesn't really change the name of the file or folder on disk.
This is a very boring bug.
by Guest on 2023/02/15 07:59:32 PM    
What OS?
ive tried this on linux and the files and folders always rename properly.
when this happens, are you always only changing a file/folder from uppercase to lowercase and/or lowercase to uppercase?
where in the program are you trying to rename the file/folder from?
how are you trying to rename? right click? keyboard F2?
by Guest on 2023/02/15 09:46:32 PM    
Windows 10, Tixati portable version 64 bit.
Have not this problem before 3.12.
Have not this problem with other programs.
Yes, only changing a word inside a file/folder name from uppercase to lowercase and/or lowercase to uppercase (example: from "This is a test" to "This is a Test", other modification (insert or remove letters) works.
As I said, rename function (right click>local files>rename).
by KH on 2023/04/07 12:09:25 AM    
This is a well-known bug in Windows OS, and specifically the MoveFileEx function.  This is not from anything new in Tixati.  If you check the file operations log in the Help > Diagnostics menu, you can see this for yourself.

In the future, I may install a work-around which issues two MoveFileEx calls in a row, and adds an extra character to the first call, if the only difference is in character case.
by Guest on 2023/04/07 12:11:22 AM    
This is indeed a Windows bug.  Not all versions of Windows, and not all disk drives do this, but it definitely happens in other programs that don't do the double-rename workaround.

Another in a very long list of Windows bugs that have gone years without attention.

Here is a humorous support thread.  MS is not very well run these days.
by Guest on 2023/04/08 03:58:13 AM    
If you find this problem as a user, change to NTFS or rename the files in two steps until the DEV creates the workaround.

My testing has shown the following. Move file and set file attribute for name only works on NTFS. None of the FAT family complete the case renaming but they report no errors (always success). However the get file attribute can be used immediately on the same handle to verify if the case renaming really happened. Posix semantics flag is a false lead. Theres no way around multiple system calls but as long as the file is on NTFS there is no need to totally change its name with double Move file. Just a single Move file then get file name attr confirmation, else fallback code path. Very interesting thank you
by Guest on 2023/04/08 10:06:49 AM    
I'm waiting for a fix from the developer.
For my part, I don't know if I understood correctly, however I have Windows 10 on an SSD (C:) obviously in NTFS while Tixati and the files are on an 8GB HDD (WD80EFZZ RED Plus series) obviously always in NTFS. HDD partitioned in 2, Tixati is in the Program Files partition on E: while the downloaded files are in the archive partition F:.
This is the setup I had before, never had this problem when I was on windows 7 and had two different HDDs in raid. Switched to Windows 10 and changed the two disks with the larger WD red about a year ago and started noticing the bug from version 3.12, honestly I can't say when it actually started and what exactly it depends on. I hope a fix is ​​released. However for my part I find this bug only on Tixati, in all other programs I have not noticed this problem. Thank you.
(Version 3.17 tested, same problem).
by Guest on 2023/04/10 06:14:22 PM    
Thanks HDD Guest, I am not the DEV but I spent a considerable amount testing and could only reproduce under the specific conditions. Can you tell the Windows version you have? Run winver from console or any other method.
The only thing that should matter is where the renamed file is stored.
by Guest on 2023/04/11 10:11:44 AM    
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 21H2 19044.2728. (Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0).
by Guest on 2023/05/10 04:21:08 PM    
Tested Tixati 3.18 do NOT solve the issue.

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