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***** Tixati v3.16 is Now Available! *****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2023/02/11 07:15:02 PM    
February 11, 2023

Tixati version 3.16 is now available. This is a major update with several important improvements and fixes:

- several improvements to download/upload slot auto-manage feature
- hash-links that are unresolved for over 90 seconds will re-queue if there are resolved queued downloads
- dead hash links skipped when starting new downloads from the queue
- better session restart procedures to keep track of downloads that have manually skipped queue
- new full-featured WYSIWYG editor for channel info and shared text
- peer start/stop algorithms modified in v1+2 hybrid torrents to better handle single-protocol clients
- completely re-engineered main message loop and thread manager for Windows builds
- better task prioritization balance between GUI events and internal processing for Windows builds
- added a new back-buffering render layer to treeview/listview/graph controls in Windows
- CPU usage during window drag-over, resize, and re-render events is greatly reduced
- several fixes and improvements to rich-text view controls that power log/chat/browse/info views
- tree/list view automatic scroll to selection on start/stop option in Settings > UI > Behavior
- fixed crash in the transfer preload window when using the find option and cycling through multiple transfers
- the Remote Seed Limit option will only consider partial seeds that have at least as many pieces as local
- fixed minor problems with the Source column in peers / transfers view
- tree/list views in Windows build now support bold/underline text when viewing channel list
- Linux builds now use xdg-mime by default instead of gconftool-2 to setup file/protocol associations
- fixed ordering problem in program shutdown sequencing that can cause crash on close
- corrupt config files now automatically trigger loading from .lastloadok.dat when available
- fixed minor file naming problems when using Scheduler automatic config file backup/export task
- many other minor fixes in the GUI

Thanks for using Tixati!

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