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tixati tryig to accept connection from internet

by FireBall on 2023/01/30 01:00:16 PM    
firewall alert

tixati tryig to accept connection from internet

Should this happen or be accepted if you have started a download
by Guest on 2023/01/31 11:27:08 AM    
Happened again when I open Tixati and do not download anything x.x.x.x tries to connect over UDP
by FireBall on 2023/01/31 01:48:23 PM    
why does it call me guest when i am regd? How many posts before it does not need pre mod
by TX007 on 2023/01/31 08:06:23 PM    
Torrent clients including Tixati become part of a network when they are connected to the internet. They have to connect with trackers and other clients to make the network works properly. Even when you are not downloading anything, you can contribute by uploading (seeding) the data you downloaded previously. If we don't upload what we download, no one will be able to download anything anymore using torrents.

So, you can safely add Tixati to your firewall exceptions list.

Another thing, you can change your password for this forum to a passphrase that you can remember easily. This way, you will not need to post as a guest when you find yourself logged out.
by notaLamer on 2023/02/01 01:06:12 AM    
Yes this is normal and expected operation. When you are downloading: you want to accept connections from other peers and seeds. When you didn't add any transfer: Tixati still connects to DHT and becomes a node there for faster torrent startup later when you add it. DHT doesn't transfer any files it is only used to find peers by the magnet-links (infohash) - this still requires to be an active node and to send/receive connections.

It is expected you allow Tixati internet access at all times. If you don't use DHT (private trackers or wish to only rely on added trackers) then you can disable it.
by FireBall on 2023/02/02 05:15:24 PM    
@ TX007 and notaLamer

Thanks for the replies.

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