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File transfer issue

by upperside on 2023/01/18 12:59:46 AM    
I find a video I would like to download.  I select it, Tixati launches, the process starts, everything looks great.   I bump something on the keyboard or the mouse or??--the transfer stops.  No problem I thought, I will just restart it.  I get this warning window pop up telling me:

   has the same info-hash as existing transfer named"

and I get to choose YES or NO between merging or not merging the files.  It doesn't matter which I choose nothing happens.  I have good search engine for my PC and no where is there anything like the title of the video I wish to download.

Any suggestions on how to avoid this warning windown and download the file I want?

by notaLamer on 2023/01/18 07:37:20 PM    
I believe it says "duplicate transfer". You tried to add the same link again. It must be in the Transfers window somewhere. Are you sure you didn't hide it by categories or search filter?
by upperside on 2023/01/21 04:36:46 AM    
I did explore that possibility.  After a thorough search I did find a folder that was under transfers and labeled "incomplete-pieces".  It was empty.  Still looking.

Historically in the past when a program or app has given me problems I've found that a very effective way of fixing the problem is to delete or uninstall the app or program and then reinstall it.  I was somewhat surprised to learn that deleting or uninstalling TIAXTI is extraordinarily difficult.  I haven't figured that out either.
by notaLamer on 2023/01/23 03:54:44 AM    
1. Deleting Tixati: I don't know where installed Tixati stores its settings. Probably in AppData on Windows? However you can always run Tixati in portable mode then everything of configuration and settings will be saved within that folder. That's useful for testing.

2. Duplicate transfer window:  is this what you see?
Clicking YES will add tracker URLs to the existing transfer and do nothing else.
Clicking NO will do nothing and will not add this torrent/magnet link.

If you came across two different torrent names and this message comes up then they're totally identical.

Tixati tells you the transfer name too "debian-11.6.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso - TEST" as you named it inside Tixati. This means you go to TRANSFERS and search for the added torrent with that exact name.

If you are at a dead end then please take a screenshot of your Tixati when looking at Transfers but make sure to censor all torrent names, trackers, IP addresses. This is a good rule on these forums.
by Zed on 2023/06/11 12:36:58 AM    
Im new to this software. can you suppress the Merge Trackers into Existing Transfers message box from appearing, if adding an exisitng torrent?

I checked Settings/Behavior/Duplicate Transfer Prompt/Default Action (Merge Trackers into Existing Transfers but it still pops up. Is this correct?

I also get this message box when a torrent completes for some reason?

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