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My torrent feed seems throttled

by loninappleton on 2023/01/13 08:56:51 PM    
I can't explain it.  Running the latest version so maybe I should reinstall old version.  Well I know I have close to 900 kb download from other sources.  On Tixati I should have 200 kb up on my minimal account on old style DSL via phone line.  Today I get just a trickle of 20 50 kb upload
on the feed I run overnight with nothing else on the net.

 I don't know if it's a throttling issue at the ISP but nothing is new on my account.

I will try a speed test on that PC.... speedtest at ookla looks normal  7.62 MBps down,  
1.85 MBps up but I have not done the 80% recommended conversion lately.
by loninappleton on 2023/01/14 08:15:09 AM    
I overlooked one thing-- had to update to the current 3.14 which I completed.  I may need advice on which secure server settings in Windows 7 to use but that is just a guess.

Anyway like the first message says, my bandwidth speed readings seem ok.
by loninappleton on 2023/01/14 07:40:39 PM    
Solved for now.  I adjusted Windows security the best could.  That must have freed things up.
by shag00 on 2023/11/11 03:15:50 AM    
If this problem re-occurs you should install some disk I/O monitoring software and see what happening with your disk access.

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