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Confusion between Tixati & Torrent site

by Guest on 2023/01/13 03:20:50 AM    
I've been seeding 20+ torrents for a while now.  On my transfer screen though, Tixati is showing no Seeds or peers on any of the torrents I'm seeding.  I have logging set to include tracker details, and in the log, it shows "tracker responded OK, returned=0  seeds=8  peers=0  interval=5:00 > etc...  The logs for each of the 20+ torrents are showing seeders, as well as the torrent site.  I know there are no peers for these torrents, and that's expected, but shouldn't the seeders be 'counted' on the transfer tab?
by Guest on 2023/01/13 04:42:30 PM    
I forgot to mention that I have ver 3.14 Windows 11
by TX007 on 2023/01/15 09:27:03 AM    
It's because only seeds and peers reached by Tixati are counted. Since you are seeding a torrent and no one is leeching it from you, there will be no peers. And as a seeder you have all the torrent data downloaded, so you don't need to reach other seeds. In result, you get in this situation (unless Tixati reaches one of the other seeds)Seeding 0(0) 0(0).
by notaLamer on 2023/01/15 03:49:20 PM    
Maybe the seeds the tracker reports have gone offline or are unreachable (port-forwarding and firewalls)? I'm pretty sure Tixati would only count those it has established a connection too and that are listed on the Peers tab.

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