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[Open folder] Very long delay v3.14

by Guest on 2023/01/10 07:02:14 AM    
It can be many minutes before the open folder request actually opens the folder with files inside. Several attempts can get queued up and open all at once. I've had it go as long as TEN MINUTES later! Or like right now, it opens within 2 seconds for folders not previously opened. There is nothing wrong with my disk, truly. I promise. Opening the same folder from windows instead of through Tixati it opens almost instantly.

Please let me know how I should send diagnostic info so you could possibly reproduce this bug.

Thanks for your hard work!
I <3 Tixati
by Guest on 2023/01/10 09:58:33 AM    
does it happen with any folder opened through tixati?
or only a specific folder?
or any folder within a specific folder?
you could try running the 'all' in all the diagnostic graph choices and see what happens next time it holds up for you.
and then narrow it down if something does show.
by InstantAli3n on 2023/01/11 12:49:39 AM    
OP here, I forgot to post with my account

From the torrent right click -> local files open folder
and inside the files section of the torrent, right click -> open folder

Both of these are subject to that occurring, HOWEVER the delay now is minimal. About 1 second, OS seems like 200ms or something, it's too short to tell. So I don't know the exact conditions that cause this.

As for diagnostic graph choices...
I have been using Tixati for several years and I had no idea that menu existed... very cool.

I will keep that open and see if I can cause the issue again. I'll post back if I find it. Thanks!
by Guest on 2023/01/11 10:44:40 AM    
is tixati still responsive while you are waiting for the folder to open?
is your OS (what version of Windows?) responsive while this happens?
by notaLamer on 2023/01/15 03:47:09 PM    
All Tixati does is to open Explorer or its replacement. If you experience a long delay then it's probably a problem with Explorer itself or Windows. Examples that may freeze Windows Explorer: unreachable network drives, sleeping hard drives. 10 minutes is excessive but I often get a 10-20s delay when Windows unnecessarily spins up all my idle HDDs.

Note to developers: avoid enumerating all system drives unless totally necessary.
by shag00 on 2023/11/11 03:05:24 AM    
I suspect another reason for the delay is that explorer is just queued waiting to access the drive.

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