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Destination folder

by Garyullo on 2022/12/27 09:04:02 PM    
Hi. I'm new on Tixati, trying to move from my old uTorrent 3.2.2 (last one without ads or adware) and finding Tixati as a very strong rival.
When downloading a torrent (or magnet) with more than 1 file, Tixati opens a new folder with the name of the torrent at the destination I'm pointing it to, even when I deselect every but one files. If I want my files to be downloaded on my Desktop folder, instead they will be downloaded at Desktop\(torrentName)\.
With uTurrent, at the prompt window I can uncheck the "Create Folder" box so all files go to the folder I choose without creating any new folder.

I would like to have only one active torrent in the queue (down and up). Couldn't.

Am I missing some hide setting?

Thanks in advance.

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