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Location Move - SMB drive not available

by Guest on 2022/12/26 11:30:51 PM    
I have been a long time user of Tixati.  Recently I exported my Windows Tixati setup to use on a newly created Ubuntu lunix system.
All the transfers and RSS feeds seem to be working well, but.. I am having an issue when tying to use 'move on complete'.

I would like to move the downloads to an SMB drive.  The drive is the same as what i had for Windows, and is accessible from the Ubuntu files app with read/write access.
The challenge with Tixati is that I have  not figured out how to map the share properly so that it is available in Tixati

This is my first time with lunix, and there is a good chance this is where my problem starts.
Any ideas/suggestions to help me figure this out would be greatly appreciated.

by Guest on 2023/01/05 06:01:03 PM    
Do you know where it is mounted?
Post df -x tmpfs -h from the ubuntu machine

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