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***** Tixati v3.14 is Now Available! *****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2022/12/11 12:30:18 PM    
December 11, 2022

Tixati version 3.14 is now available. There have been several important fixes and updates:

- fixed problems with local file location move on complete not starting after optional redundant hash-checking
- several work-arounds to v1+v2 dual-protocol connection logic to prevent cycling in some remote clients
- no peer v1/v2 cross-connect if current connection has DL/UL traffic or interest, and is non-Tixati or v2
- fixed minor problems with Windows rich-text view wrapping, scrollbar updating, and visibility logic
- several RSS compatibility updates, also better handling of HTTP code 308 redirects
- minor fix to IPv6 raw-IP host name handling for trackers, RSS, and WebUI binding
- eliminated empty channels list popup reminder window
- crash reporter upgrades, including better exception details and stack unwinder for Windows builds
- minor tweaks to some GUI components
- major updates to HTTP server that powers WebUI, including updated SSL/TLS libraries
- updated IP-location tables

Thanks for using Tixati!

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