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[Feature Request] Total data transferred limit

by Ratbert on 2022/12/03 06:58:50 PM    
For those of us on metered data connections, a total data limit (upload + download across all torrents) would be very useful.

I am not thinking of anything complicated; just a simple limit that would suspend all transfers until a reset was manually activated.

This might require a new status category of "Suspended" or perhaps just killing data transfers and popping up a dialog box asking for the transfer limit to be reset or removed.   I don't know what would be simplest or easiest to implement.  There are already seeding ratio and seeding time limits on individual torrents but those do not address the issue of limiting total data transferred.

If there is a way to do this now, I am not aware of it.


BTW: the transfer search function is great.   Something I have wanted for a long time.

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