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Tixati v3.12 some times does not work rename function

by Guest on 2022/11/28 11:28:02 AM    
I use portable version, tixati 3.12, Windows 10.
Problem with renaming files or folders in Tixati 3.12.
Sometimes when I use the "rename" function to change the initials of some words from lowercase to uppercase these change inside Tixati but if I go to check the name of the folder or the file on the disk it happens quite often that the change has not been really made even if it is displayed in Tixati.
by Guest on 2023/01/02 10:41:23 AM    
Bug still present in v3.14.
by TX007 on 2023/01/15 09:59:58 AM    
It's not Tixati fault. Windows doesn't recognize the case change as an actual change to the filename. As a workaround, change word to Wword first, before changing it to Word.
by Guest on 2023/01/16 04:24:36 PM    
I'm not sure of it. Had not this problem before 3.12.
Furthermore, the renaming is done inside Tixati, so Tixati modifies the name of the file inside Tixati but doesn't really change it on the file, so in my opinion it's a Tixati bug that ONLY modifies the display of the name inside the program but doesn't really change the name of the file on disk, simple. Among other things it is the only program that has this problem, I don't find it on others, for me it must be solved in Tixati.

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