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[Feature Request] Error Status, Location filter when searching,

by Guest on 2022/11/27 06:14:38 PM    
Hi there,

I would like to put forward the addition of three features:
1 - Error status
    Complements current status categories and allows separation between "Offline" because of not being downloaded, "Complete" and all good, and "Error" due to random issues.
    This is particularly an annoyance when lists become bigger and the "Offline" or "Complete" category are used when trying to understand if it makes sense to download and seed or not.

2 - Location filter
    Currently there is no option to add filter based on location. The filters are good, however, adding the possibility for path will allow checking if all the files were moved in case of connection or any other type of failure. It complements the current "Apply to all transfers" since it does not require the file to be in its final location to succeed.

3 - Category override
    Several torrent indexers are grabbing from each other. However, not all have the same categories or have them available as direct rss filters. In case two rss have the torrent one of the rss can be set to override the category of the other feed. Defining priority and overrides could be done based on the entry position in the RSS feed tab.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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