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Behaviour change / bug report: UI focus

by Guest on 2022/11/25 12:52:33 PM    
Context: just added a batch of mag links, say 20 or 30, to the transfer list

One mag link resolves and the transfer window pops up where the details of the transfer can be filled in or altered.  For example: at this point I usually set the category of the transfer.

Old Behaviour:  Click on the "Category" drop down list and move mouse pointer to select the category.  Click on the desired category.  Make any other changes to the transfer details then select "Start" or whatever.   Next transfer window pops up if there is another resolved mag link in the queue.  Mag links resolving in the transfer list do not move the focus from the transfer pop up.

New Behaviour:  Every time a mag link resolves, the focus is momentarily moved from the transfer pop up. Any action in progress, such as an opened drop down list, is reset and has to be started again.  It quickly becomes impossible to do anything in the current transfer pop up until all of the mag links are resolved in the transfer queue.

Is this a purposeful change, or is there a UI option that controls this?

Thanks for listening!


Edit: Tixati 3.12, 64 bit, Windows 7  

yeah, I know, I should upgrade the OS but I am stuck with this for a while.

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