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Tixati 3.12 Linux crash

by appyface on 2022/11/25 02:00:44 AM    
Have experienced a few crashes with Tixati 3.12 running on Lubuntu 20.10.

I haven't seen any pattern and can't replicate. Sometimes it's while I'm doing something (varies) and sometimes I come back to find it down and a crash report.

Here's the crash report from one that just happened a little bit ago. Hope this is useful.

(crash report removed by Mod and sent to Devs)
by janet on 2022/11/25 07:30:27 PM    
All crash reports are useful, so thanks for posting it.
by kostet on 2022/12/01 08:12:28 PM    
I was never complained about the stability of Tixati. But today it crashed after ~10 hours uptime. No dmesg messages, no SMART evetns. In result core2.dat was broken, startup Tixati report error 4 and successful restore file from backup.

remove after read wrote:
Tixati 3.12, Lubuntu 18.04, kernel 5.18.19
tixati_crash_report.dat is attached. (Link removed by Mod and sent to Devs)

Ready to help in testing and debugging this issue and others. I will provide the required logs.

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