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RSS feed stopping or doesn't start transfers

by appyface on 2022/11/22 05:21:55 PM    
Tixati 3.12 linux.

I've got some feeds that are auto-start and skip queue, some that just add the transfer without starting it, and some that auto-start but allow the transfer to queue up.

Sometimes transfers are stopped or never started when multiple feeds have the same transfer come through. I don't know all the scenarios, but in at least some cases a later feed that doesn't auto-start the transfer will stop the existing one. And a later feed that auto-starts but if the transfer already exists it won't be started.

Not sure this is what everyone would want, but I'd like to see the feed 'upgrade' an existing transfer but not 'downgrade' it. What I mean, if the transfer is stopped or queued and the later feed is auto-start skip queue, then I'd like that to take precedence. If the transfer is running and the later feed is auto-start queue or not started, then leave the running transfer alone, don't 'downgrade' it to queued or stopped. Etc.


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